Hardtop for honker 2000 – SOLD!!

SOLD!!! It is the best and at the same time the most difficult to buy version of the hardtop for honker (the so-called 3rd generation). Although at first glance this hardtop is similar to the 2nd generation, i.e. the roof known from the 2324 honker, it differs in a different construction at the connection with the sides of the car (part of the roof overlaps the sides below, and does not end [...]

License Plate Frames

For all fans of the brand (and our website 😉) there is an opportunity to buy HONKERTEAM license plate frames. To be more precise, the complete frames are only for the front single-row board, and for the rear they are only 3D stickers to stick on your universal double-row board frame. The cost of the set is PLN 30 (PLN 20 for the front frame, PLN 10 for the sticker [...]

Honker - Concepts by Piotr Koczan

Below are the Honker concepts made by Mr. Piotr Koczan. Piotr Koczan - the site of the author of the concepts And here is what a honker in the 21st century could look like: A few words of comment from the author: I caught the Honker bug quite recently. It so happens that my Brother-in-law owns an ambulance and so the thinking and combining began.I appreciate the restoration of vehicles and restoring them [...]

Full LED front lamps on the 2000 Honker

Few people know that back in 2013 the factory installed LED headlights in some honkers (mostly show cars). These were Truck-Lite brand lamps model TL/27290. Some examples of factory honkers with these lamps below: The lamps are approved for each type of light (parking, low beam, high beam) and are designed for right-hand traffic. Due to [...]

Silent reducer in Tarpan Honker - is it possible?

The sound of a working reducer is associated with both the 4011/4021 Tarpan Honkers and the later 4012/4022 versions produced at the Poznan FSR. Some call it a monstrous noise that is difficult to bear, others call it a whistling, howling or even singing noise that intensifies during acceleration and fast driving. The good news, however, is that there is a way to make the honker reducer of this generation [...]

regeneration of polmo-gniezno reducer

We present an abbreviated description and photos of the regeneration process of one of our reducers. Materials at our request were sent by the company performing this service, i.e. "remonty-pojazdow.pl". Regeneration procedure:

Reducer Polmo-Gniezno

Due to the great interest in the topic and frequently repeated questions, we decided to write a few words about the most common Polmo-Gniezno reducers in honkers. The Polmo-Gniezno reduction box was used in all generations of honkers, starting with the 4011 honker tarpans through 4012, 4022, 4022s, 2324, among others, up to the 2000 honkers. The box, at first glance, has not changed on [...]

Honker 2000 Box – SOLD!!

A box honker built from 100% new or regenerated (if new parts are no longer available). The Honker is like brand new. For more information, please call: SOLD!!