On this page we will post information about workshops where they repair honkers or particular components. If you know of a workshop and think it is worthy of recommendation let us know.

For clarity: We have nothing to do with the following workshops and do not profit from recommending them - this is a list created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Przemek Bielecki - 533 330 811 - Tułowice near Opole

Przemek is our group colleague, who in his spare time undertakes mechanical repairs, fixing parts and even major overhauls of honkers. At the moment, the #1 service in our group! More and more of us are going to Przemek to service our honkers, although sometimes you have to travel almost all over Poland to do so! We highly recommend Przemek because he is, first of all, a passionate guy, in addition, well acquainted with the brand 🙂 🙂 - Lubin, Lower Silesia

Company offering remanufacturing of honker transmission systems including repair of: transmissions, reducers, driveshafts, half-shafts, joints, drive bridges, steering gears, we recommend their services.

phone contact: 601 779 976

Tarmot4x4 - Wysogotowo near Poznań

The company specializes in cars from overseas, however, it also has a lot of experience in the subject of honkers. In addition to mechanical repairs, they can be commissioned to install additional equipment (such as winches), body and paint repairs, etc.


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