Full LED front lamps on the 2000 Honker

Few people know that back in 2013, the factory installed LED headlights in some honkers (mostly show cars). These were Truck-Lite brand lamps model TL/27290.

Some examples of factory honkers with these lamps below:

MSPO 2013.
MSPO 2013 - at this fair I saw for the first time these lamps mounted on honkers. They made a very good impression on me.
MSPO 2015.

The lamps are approved for each type of light (parking, passing, high beam) and are designed for right-hand traffic. Due to the light output, which does not exceed the threshold specified in the regulations, they do not require the installation of a cleaning and self-levelling system - the same is true today for most new vehicles factory-equipped with LED lighting.

Visible approvals

The lamps were factory mounted in a rather garage-like manner and it was hard to call it professional. It was not even possible to adjust the height of the light....

Factory mounting not only unsightly, heavily corroded after several years, but also did not allow adjustment of the height of the light beam
The factory way of mounting the lamp - the headlights were permanently embedded in a modified "eyepiece" covering the lamp.

When assembling the lamps, I decided not to use the factory mounts and decided to improve them a bit so that the assembly would look more professional and, most importantly, allow free height adjustment of the lamp, also using the factory height equalizer motors, controlled by a knob from the cabin.

For this purpose, a special adapter ring was designed and then printed on a 3D printer, which, in combination with other components available on the market, made it possible to mount LED lamps in the existing factory mount.

After preparing the new LED lamp mounts, it remained to bolt them to the car....

LED lamps mounted in the factory racks - in the photo even before the installation of the headlight height equalizer motors....

Comparison of standard lamps and led lamps:

Both lamps fixed:

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