Types of reducers in Honkers

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Polmo Gniezno reducer
(generation 1)

1990 -1995.

Review photo, found at: allegro.co.uk
Synchronized with an inter-axle differential and inter-axle lock, permanent drive on both axles (4×4). It is characterized by rather noisy operation . This is the most common reducer in Tarpan Honkers in combination with a 5-speed transmission
Borg-Warner reducer

exact date of termination of use is not known.

Review photo, found at: sprzedajemy.pl
Synchronized with the attached front axle drive. Until 1996, manual clutches were used to engage the front drive. After the transfer of production to Lublin, they were replaced by automatics. Most often found in combination with a 5-speed Tremec gearbox. They were assembled by FSR in Poznań. About 150pc of cars are known to have left Antoninek with such a gearbox. Also encountered honker exmeplars with this type of distribution box produced in DMP - no information on the scale of production.
Polmo Gniezno reducer (modified)


Generation 2

Generation 3

Synchronized with inter-axle differential and inter-axle lock , permanent drive on both axles (4×4).

In 1995, the reducer was modified, which significantly improved its operating culture. The flanges connecting the reducer to the shafts were also modified, changing the number of mounts from 4 to 6 . Most often found with a 5-speed Tczew TS5-21 transmission. Generation 2 and 3 differ in some minor interior solutions.

IVECO reducer

1996 -2007.
exact dates unknown

Reducer used in vehicles with VM engine. No information on the specific type of reducer, only the manufacturer is known.
KIA reducer (Borg Warner)
2009 - 2018.
The reducer was used until production ended. After DZT resumed production in 2008, it replaced the popular and reputable Gniezno reducer. The main reason was the discontinuation of production of the existing distribution boxes. The reducer is characterized by electronic control with a knob(4x2Hi,4x4Hi, 4x4Lo). It allows you to disconnect the drive of the front axle. It comes together with the KIA GY71 gearbox.