Selected videos from our channel.

TV, radio and other channels

Our team participated in various TV productions, radio and Internet channels. Below you can see how it worked out.


Honkerteam participated in the filming of the popular program Legends of the People's Republic of Poland (season 15 episode 8). Below is our video of the filming of this program, unfortunately we cannot insert the Legends themselves due to copyright.

Those who are interested are invited to visit, where you can see the entire episode of Legends of the People's Republic of Poland.

And this was neither the first nor the only episode of Legends of PRL featuring a member of the team. Robert had already appeared earlier, in the second episode of the program's third season. The footage can be viewed on

From the Internet

Interesting in our opinion materials found on the Internet

Presentation of the Honker 2000 in the MAX demonstration version. The video was made available by Mr. Mariusz Meling. The author is Ryszard Romanowski, a well-known Gorzow automotive journalist. RAR Press. The author of the photos is Lucyna Romanowska.