License Plate Frames

For all fans of the brand (and our 😉 ) there is an opportunity to purchase HONKERTEAM license plate frames.

And to be more precise, the complete frames are only for the front single-row plate, and for the rear, they are only 3D stickers to stick on their universal frame for two-row plates.

Example application

The cost of the set is 30 PLN(20 PLN front frame, 10 PLN 3D sticker for the rear frame) + shipping costsIt is possible to purchase any configuration, for example, two single-row frames for example, for the sanitation(cost is 40 PLN + KW) or two stickers for the rear board(cost is 20 PLN + KW), etc.

If anyone is interested in such a gadget then contact our colleague Przemek, from whom they can be purchased by mail order:

Przemek: 533 330 811

On the other hand, if anyone is interested in collecting in person in Warsaw, contact Wojas by e-mail:

Example applications:

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