Tarpan Honker 4022 (Sanitarka) - Agnieszka and Pawel

Tarpan Honker 4022 Sanitary Car.Manufactured in 1991 in FSR.Engine Iveco Sofim 8140.07, 2.5 D, 75HP.Sanitary car 4 stretcher.Purchased at the tender of AMW, Zielona Gora branch.The vehicle originally served in the 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade in Swietoszow.It did not undergo a major overhaul, it was only repainted on the outside. The stretcher has been thoroughly washed and a number of sanitary items that were originally on [...]

Tarpan Honker 4012 (Traffic Control) - Agnieszka and Pawel

Tarpan Honker 4012 manufactured in 1995 in FSR.Engine Iveco Sofim 8140.27 2.5 TD, 100HP.5-speed manual transmission.Purchased from the Fire Department in Jastrzebia Gora in August 2018.The first trip in "new life" scored at the rally in Darlowo in 2019. The car at the time of purchase looked like this: Some photos of the renovation carried out: and yes honker [...]

Tarpan Honker 4022S - Magda and Pawel

Tarpan Honker from 1991, registered as a special vehicle. Purchased in March 2017 from a private individual, with less than 37,000 km of mileage. Interesting fact: This vehicle was stationed in Szczecin, as evidenced by the unit's tactical marks still present on the vehicle today. It has a 2.5D Iveco engine and 75 horsepower. The top speed of this vehicle [...]

Tarpan Honker 4022S - WYRWA (Tom)

Tarpan 4022S from 1991 in the original version. Registered as a historic vehicle. Iveco 2.5 naturally aspirated engine, permanent 4-wheel drive. The vehicle was purchased in November 2017 from one of Warsaw's private museums. After purchase, the vehicle drove to Szczecin on its own, where, after replacing all fluids and timing, it refused to serve... After replacing the engine in July 2018. for a "new [...]

Tarpan Honker 4012 "RyŚ" - Marcin

Specifications: Honker originally purchased by Mark, or another groupmate at AMW, and then bought back by Martin. After Mark bought it from AMW, the injectors were replaced, the steering column was replaced, the electrics were ogled, and the reducer was reconditioned. Then, the windshield frame, right fender and rear door were replaced. Floor soundproofing was installed, new moldings along the sides (wooden, as in [...]

Honker 2000 - Artur

Honker partially modeled after the vehicles of the Polish Military Contingent in Kosovo (PKW Kosovo, PKW KFOR) intended for participation in NATO's KFOR (Kosovo Force) operations since 1999. The post-powered honker was manufactured in 2003 and purchased by its second owner in 2016. A year later it underwent a major mechanical overhaul, and in 2018 it underwent a body and paint overhaul. The car is registered for 9 people. [...]

Catalogs, folders

Scans of factory catalogs of various varieties of honker 4×4. Daewoo era catalogs: Daewoo Honker 2000 Catalog #1 Daewoo Honker 2000 Catalog #2 Daewoo Honker 2000 Andoria-Mot era catalogs: AndoriaMot_Honker2000 DZT/FS Honker era catalogs: Honker - catalog #1 - various versions Honker - catalog #2 - 5 door fire extinguisher + universal Honker - catalog #3 - 5 door [...]

Honker 2324 "H4" - Paul (under renovation)

Honker 2324 One of the four projects of Paul - he got the codename H4 from him:) This will be a vehicle modeled on the honker 2000 version of the command vehicle. Currently it is a project that is waiting its turn for further modifications....  

Honker 2324 - "H3" Patrol vehicle (under repair)

Honker 2324 One of Pawel's four projects - he got the codename H3 from him 🙂 The vehicle will eventually be redesigned on the model of the honker 2000 patrol version, while it will receive a camouflage on the model of the honker from the last photo. Currently the collection and fitting of the necessary parts is underway....