Hardtop for honker 2000 – SOLD!!


This is the best, and most difficult to buy, version of the hardtop for the honker (the so-called 3rd generation). This hardtop, although at first glance it is similar to the 2nd generation, i.e. the roof known from the honker 2324, it differs in a different design at the connection with the sides of the car (part of the roof overlaps lower on the sides, instead of ending at their height as in previous models which prevents water from getting inside) and, very importantly, it has opening side windows (in the previous version the windows were unopened). To the two-part generation one of the Tarpan honkers 4011/4012 there is no point even comparing it because it is a completely different quality and manufacturing technology....

The roof in good condition with a set of windows (4 sliding and two small at the back). The frames of the sliding windows need to be refreshed, and the SF7 type gaskets in which the windows slide need to be replaced(they are easily available by the metre). Interior upholstery in very good condition. The roof has 4 holes on the right side - a remnant from the installation of an awning. The hardtop is fiberglass so these holes are easily removed (filled) before repainting.

Price: 2000PLN - SOLD!

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