Honker 5cio drzwiowy – oryginalny, fabryczny prototyp

Jest to oryginalny prototyp wyprodukowany przez fabrykę w ostatnim okresie jej funkcjonowania (DZT Tymińscy). Honker wielokrotnie prezentowany w różnych konfiguracjach na targach m.in. na kieleckich MSPO. Na aucie testowano różne rozwiązania stąd można było je oglądać ze standardowym jak i niezależnym zawieszeniem z przodu (obecnie posiada standardowe). Samochód ze znikomym przebiegiem ok 5700km (głównie z […]

Honker 2000 - Piotrek

Honker 2000 year 2006 Car history Car purchased in September 2015. - After a complete restoration. Current state: the state before the restoration and some photos already taken during the restoration: the state after the restoration:

Tarpan Honker 4012/2324 - 1996r - VIN - SUL232414T00000003 

PHONE NUMBER TO THE OWNER: Marek 665 759 711 Manufactured in 1996, the original body was replaced with a military one from 1988 in very good condition. Honker has very durable new type of bridges (hypoid). Equipped with disc brakes and power steering. The vehicle has an IVECO 2.5 TD engine, an American Borg Warner reducer that is integrated into the gearbox and constantly drives [...]

Calendar 2022

GIFTMASZ.PL has prepared a calendar for 2022 in cooperation with us. Each month is a different model of honker. We recommend to all lovers of the brand 🙂 A few examples of graphics from the calendar: As a group of honkerteam.pl enthusiasts, we do not derive any benefits from the sale of calendars, we 😉 also bought our calendars

Installation of Digital meter for honker2000 (factory solution)

By way of introduction, that is, where these clocks come from... In 2018, the army ordered the last (as it later turned out) batch of honkers from the Lublin factory. In fulfilling this order, the manufacturer encountered a serious problem, which was the lack of availability of counters for honkers2000 on the market. The factory bought out from the stores all the counters available as spare parts, and also pulled them from all its factory cars(in [...]

Tachometer for Honker 2000 - version 2 (Polonez caro, diesel)

The second method of installing the tachometer in the clocks from the honker 2000 is to adapt the tachometer from the twin clocks from the polonez caro (from the 1.9 diesel version). This is the easiest method because the tachometer fits perfectly into the honker 2000 clocks in place of the analog clock and has the same font and backlight color(green). Unfortunately, to make it not too simple [...]

Replacing a 70A alternator (V-belt) with a 105A alternator (multi-ribbed belt) in a 2000 Honker with a 4CTi90 engine.

Due to the large number of additional electrical devices in some of our honkers (including additional batteries), we were looking for a solution to the problem of insufficient charging. A large part of our honkers are of 2000-2005 vintage and still have a 70 amp alternator of the old type, driven by a V-belt. Newer units are already factory-equipped with 105 amp alternators (multi-ribbed belt), and hence the idea to [...]

DAEWOO Honker 2324 – Radio

A honker belonging to a friend of our group who asked to put up an ad. Daewoo Honker 2324. Year of production: 1997 Date of first registration 1999 Registered for 2 people. Andoria 4CT40 90HP engine (motorpal injection pump). Hypoid bridges. 2nd generation reducer Polmo Gniezno. It is a honker 2324 from 1997 with a container made by Autosan. It was commissioned by Industrial [...]