Tachometer for Honker 2000 - version 2 (Polonez caro, diesel)

The second method of installing a tachometer in the clocks from a 2000 honker is to adapt a tachometer from twin clocks from a Polonez caro (from the 1.9 diesel version).

This is the easiest method because the tachometer fits perfectly into the honker 2000 clocks in place of the analog clock and has the same font and backlight color(green).

Tachometer from polonez caro diesel fits perfectly in place of analog clock

Unfortunately, not to make it too simple, this tachometer requires a minor modification in the electronics in order to indicate the RPM correctly. When attached to the h2000 clocks without modifications, it will show the RPM incorrectly and may even be damaged.

In this description I will skip the rather tedious process of analyzing what needs to be redone and how, however, it took us some time to arrive at this, as I will find out after reading this article, simple solution and we burned a few tachometers in the process 🙂


Solder out the resistor labeled R7 on the board and replace it with a 10kOhm resistor.

Here the two resistors were combined to get 10kOhms

Then, after connecting to the clocks and firing up the engine, check the tachometer readings and adjust it with the potentiometer, which is located on the board so that at idle it indicates about 800 rpm.

Adjust the idle speed level with this potentiometer.
Finished clocks with reworked tachometer attached

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