Cooking, washing, lighting in Honker expedition vehicle

Additional installations in the honker When traveling in an expedition vehicle, the goal is not just to survive in new and unfamiliar places. It's to seek harmony between nature and modern conveniences that enable a peaceful and satisfying existence, regardless of the distance from civilization. The concept focuses on creating a place where basic needs, such as cooking, washing and lighting, are met while [...]

Tow hook on Honker with US 2" adapter

Yes to common sense, a tow bar in a honker is a thing strongly useful and desirable. There are sometimes small problems with it. Honker is, as you know, a tall car and mounting the hook at the right height is a challenge. I, in my 2000 Honker, had a classic factory hitch mounted with a ball hitch. I have it stamped in the registration certificate, of course. The problem [...]

Honker's transformation into an expedition car

Part 2 - Interior and Equipment Photo: Marcin Siwiec In the previous part, I focused on the exterior structure, replacing the traditional roof with its own body. Now it's time to shift the focus to the interior of the vehicle and any necessary installations. This unusual metamorphosis is the result of my personal needs and experiences gained during numerous expeditions using this particular car. Although [...]

Converting a Honker to an Expedition

Introduction to the Dream of Unlimited Adventures What is the dream of traveling into the unknown, exploring remote corners and enchanting landscapes? For many of us, this desire for adventure and freedom leads to a fascination with off-road vehicles. At the heart of this fascination is a Polish classic - the Honker. An off-roader with exceptional strength and character, which has won the hearts of enthusiasts for years [...]

Snorkel in Honker 2000: An idea to improve performance in hot conditions

The hot temperatures (more than 30 degrees) when traveling in Honker in Turkey or Albania that I did can be a real challenge. The heated air under the hood affected the temperature of the air intake through the air filter, which consequently reduced power. This was especially noticeable in Albania, where not climbing uphill quickly became a handicap. A new idea emerged, [...]

Honker 2000 - Piotrek

Honker 2000 year 2006 Car history Car purchased in September 2015. - After a complete restoration. Current state: the state before the restoration and some photos already taken during the restoration: the state after the restoration:

Honker 2000 2N - Wojas

Honker 2000 2N z grudnia 2003 roku. – auto po remoncie kapitalnym prace przy przywracaniu go do stanu fabrycznego oraz przy udoskonalaniu trwają z różną intensywnością wciąż od września 2015r .  Auto po remoncie do obejrzenia – >>TU<< Pierwszy, główny remont został wykonany na przełomie 2016 i 2017 roku jednak po sezonie w 2018r. auto […]

Honker 2000 - F2CIMIC - Ajax

Honker 2000 - 2002. A vehicle modeled after the KFOR version of the honker 2000. The 2020 honker was part of an exhibition organized by the Treasure of the Nation Museum at the former FSO factory in Warsaw. 2016 REMONT: The vehicle is currently undergoing a major overhaul. The body repair consisted of replacing the side panels, caissons, fenders and doors with new ones. All elements such as bumpers, steps, [...]