Snorkel in Honker 2000: An idea to improve performance in hot conditions

The hot temperatures (more than 30 degrees) when traveling in Honker in Turkey or Albania that I did can be a real challenge. The heated air under the hood affected the temperature of the air intake through the air filter, which consequently reduced power. This was especially noticeable in Albania, where not climbing uphill quickly became a handicap. A new idea has emerged that could greatly improve the situation - the Snorkel.

What is a snorkel?

A snorkel is a special device installed in cars that allows air to be drawn in from outside the engine compartment. As a result, instead of hot air under the hood, the vehicle draws fresh and cooler air from outside, which can significantly improve engine performance and efficiency.

Effect of air temperature on power loss

When driving in extreme temperatures, a car's engine can lose efficiency due to the hot air drawn in. This is due to the fact that cooler air is denser, which promotes better fuel combustion in the combustion chamber. Hot air, on the other hand, is less dense and contains less oxygen, leading to incomplete combustion and loss of power. In the long run, this state of affairs can affect fuel consumption and increase the response time of the accelerator pedal.

Solution: Snorkel in Honker 2000

The idea of putting a snorkel on my Honker was born, which would allow outside air to be drawn in, away from the hot engine compartment. This way, the car would benefit from cooler air, which should help improve performance and gas response.


Since there is no dedicated solution for the Honker in my case fell on a snorkel dedicated to the Suzuki Samurai by Snakeman.

In the kit I got a Snorkel with a mounting kit and a paper template to mark the hole locations, as this unfortunately involves brutal interference with the fender sheeting.

After the fitting, cut (preferably with a hole saw) the mounting holes. The diameter depends on the snorkel. In the inner part of the fender, I also cut the mounting holes needed to get to the bolts. The inner holes are larger than the outer ones, because there is a rubber pipe overlapping the snorkel exit to connect to the air filter. This rubber pipe, of course, does not fit because it is not a Samurai but a Honker, but I used it as an adapter for the pipe used for ventilation and heating on the webasto. They can be purchased in different diameters. I used fi 90.

As you can see in the photo, there is also a problem on the other side of the pipe because the air intake to the filter interferes with the girder to the fluid tank. Here the solution was to design an adapter and print it on a 3D printer (ABS filament). In addition, sealed with adhesive foam with glue so that it is tight and does not cause vibrations and strange noises.

On the slogan "Materials on are very useful" project in stl format under 3D printer I provide free of charge.

As you can see from the photos above, the electrical components also had to be moved to another location a little toward the front of the car.

The upper snorkel mount also does not match from the original, and here again the 3D printer went to work, although this could be solved differently using at least a sheet metal bracket. The important thing is that it should be stable.

Benefits of snorkel installation:

  • Improved performance: Drawing in cooler air will allow fuel to burn more fully, resulting in more engine power and torque.

  • Reducing fuel consumption: More efficient combustion should reduce fuel consumption, which is good for both the driver's wallet and the environment.
  • Optimal gas response: The snorkel can reduce the reaction time to pressing the gas pedal, which will improve the vehicle's dynamics, especially during uphill climbs.

  • Protection from contaminants: Drawing in outside air can also help prevent fine dirt and dust from entering the engine, which can contribute to longer engine life.


Installing a snorkel in the 2000 Honker is a solution for improving performance in hot conditions. Adequate air cooling provided by the snorkel has a positive effect on engine power and fuel consumption. For those traveling in regions with high temperatures, this is a solution that will bring tangible benefits.

Authored by Grzegorz Siwiec
Publication date: August 1, 2023

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