Honker 2000 - F2CIMIC - Ajax

Honker 2000 - 2002.

The vehicle is modeled after the KFOR version of the Honker 2000.


Photo: Free time in the field

The 2020 honker was part of an exhibition organized by the Treasure of the Nation Museum on the grounds of the former FSO factory in Warsaw.

REMONT 2016:

Currently, the vehicle after a major overhaul. The body repair consisted of replacing the side panels, caissons, fenders and doors with new ones. All elements such as bumpers, steps and piping were sandblasted and powder coated. The vehicle was painted with a special military paint in RAL6031, and stains were applied in accordance with the WP pattern - the same as during the 2012 overhaul.


Car history:

Purchased on March 2, 2012. - Project in continuous development.

Condition on the day of purchase: car visually very nice, power pedigree, already re-registered for nine people (benches added), Andoria engine in Euro2 version, has rear bridge lock, Ramsey REP8000 winch, Webasto Air Top 2000ST parking heater, sheet metal in good condition, reinforced rear suspension, new off-road tires. The technical condition was no longer so ideal, here is a list of just some of the faults: turbine, flywheel, alternator, driveshafts including support, head gasket, clogged EGR, huge clearances on the steering wheel, baked brakes, fan viscose, clutch - so much to start with....


The vehicle appeared in the 8th episode of the 15th series of Legends of the People's Republic in September 2014.


The car at the time of purchase in March 2012:

The first restoration of the car, and at the same time converting it to a wpojsk version in telegraphic detail (2012)....

The final result of the renovation as of August 2012. The car was modeled after the ZWD-3 military command vehicles:

Some of the modifications made:

  • Installation of complete window coverings and enlarged piping - styling for honkers used in the KFOR mission.

  • Modified front console, rearview camera, GPS navigation.
  • installation of a tachometer in the clocks (this will be described more extensively in the WORKSHOP section)

f2cimic tachometer

  • replacing the radiator, adding an intercooler, unplugging the EGR, i.e. a conversion modeled after the Euro3 engine version (this will be described in more detail in the WORSZTAT section)
  • adding a wet Webasto heater
  • individual license plates: F2 CIMIC


  • Custom sewn from Cordura 1000 (camouflage wz.93) covers for winch, road priorities and winter cover for air intakes



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