regeneration of polmo-gniezno reducer

We present an abbreviated description and photos of the regeneration process of one of our reducers. Materials at our request were sent by the company performing this service, i.e. "". Regeneration procedure:

Reducer Polmo-Gniezno

Due to the great interest in the topic and frequently repeated questions, we decided to write a few words about the most common Polmo-Gniezno reducers in honkers. The Polmo-Gniezno reduction box was used in all generations of honkers, starting with the 4011 honker tarpans through 4012, 4022, 4022s, 2324, among others, up to the 2000 honkers. The box, at first glance, has not changed on [...]

Tire sizes - Honker 2000

Very often we get questions about wheel sizes for 2000 honkers. For the 2000 honker, tires in the typical military size of 7.5R16 are recommended (tires in these sizes are also used by other armies, for example, in military landrover defenders, etc.). Goodyear G90 and Michelin XZL tires are used interchangeably. We also believe that this is the most suitable tire size for [...]

Installation of Hella Marine roof searchlight

Hella Marine searchlights were factory mounted on the roofs of Scorpion-3 and patrol versions of honkers. This is a lamp manually controlled from the cabin, equipped with two 55W h3 bulbs (optionally, the manufacturer allows the installation of 100W bulbs, but in my opinion there is no need for this). Since the first time I had the opportunity to use such a lamp at night completely on [...]

Converting an Andoria 4CT90(euro2) to a 4CTi90(Euro3) - and some related issues....

INTRODUCTION In the first three years of production of 2000 Honkers (2000-2002), Euro2 66kW Andoria engines were installed. They did not have an intercooler, but were equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation system called EGR. These honkers were noticeably weaker than their younger brothers produced since 2003. A bit about injection pumps.... It is worth noting that andorii engines come with [...]

Tank switch - honker 2000 (probably all since 1996)

A description of the various components of the fuel system with particular emphasis on the tank valve/switch and its sealing. In the case of my car (honker 2000), I had two tanks and their switch from the factory, but someone once had to unscrew the rigid fuel lines from it and after re-screwing there was a leak (fuel droplets appeared on the valve). The various components of the fuel system in the immediate vicinity [...]

Accessory equipment and gadgets in our honkers.

UPDATE: 15/10/2020. Here are some of the equipment and gadgets installed in our honkers: 1. passenger compartment curtains - useful in many situations " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500″] 2. additional battery system The set up includes an additional gel battery, a T-Max brand battery separator and an additional fuse/relay box for connecting devices that use the second battery. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" [...].

Reversing camera in honker2000

The Honker is a tall vehicle, where visibility directly behind the car is rather poor when reversing. Especially off-road, it is possible to hit the rear steps or bumpers when reversing, for example, into a protruding stone, trunk, etc. To eliminate this blind spot behind the car, a reversing camera was installed. The whole set was bought on popular auction sites (separately camera, separately monitor) in [...]

Heated mirrors - honker 2000

As part of the overhaul of my honker, I was forced to replace the original mirrors. For honkera2000 fit all mirrors mounted in lublin. So we have quite a selection of available parts. There are regular mirrors, mirrors with an additional spherical field, with a turn signal in the mirror - all of them come with or without heating. In my case, when buying new mirrors, I opted for the version [...]

Heated seats

The Honker does not have good thermal insulation and in winter, especially if kept outside in the interior, frost quickly sets in. One way to improve driver comfort may be to install heated mats in the factory seats. Universal kits are available at decent prices on popular auction sites. In the case of the modified car, the mats in the seats were installed at [...]