Cooking, washing, lighting in Honker expedition vehicle

Additional installations in the honker When traveling in an expedition vehicle, the goal is not just to survive in new and unfamiliar places. It's to seek harmony between nature and modern conveniences that enable a peaceful and satisfying existence, regardless of the distance from civilization. The concept focuses on creating a place where basic needs, such as cooking, washing and lighting, are met while [...]

Tow hook on Honker with US 2" adapter

Yes to common sense, a tow bar in a honker is a thing strongly useful and desirable. There are sometimes small problems with it. Honker is, as you know, a tall car and mounting the hook at the right height is a challenge. I, in my 2000 Honker, had a classic factory hitch mounted with a ball hitch. I have it stamped in the registration certificate, of course. The problem [...]

Honker's transformation into an expedition car

Part 2 - Interior and Equipment Photo: Marcin Siwiec In the previous part, I focused on the exterior structure, replacing the traditional roof with its own body. Now it's time to shift the focus to the interior of the vehicle and any necessary installations. This unusual metamorphosis is the result of my personal needs and experiences gained during numerous expeditions using this particular car. Although [...]

Converting a Honker to an Expedition

Introduction to the Dream of Unlimited Adventures What is the dream of traveling into the unknown, exploring remote corners and enchanting landscapes? For many of us, this desire for adventure and freedom leads to a fascination with off-road vehicles. At the heart of this fascination is a Polish classic - the Honker. An off-roader with exceptional strength and character, which has won the hearts of enthusiasts for years [...]

Snorkel in Honker 2000: An idea to improve performance in hot conditions

The hot temperatures (more than 30 degrees) when traveling in Honker in Turkey or Albania that I did can be a real challenge. The heated air under the hood affected the temperature of the air intake through the air filter, which consequently reduced power. This was especially noticeable in Albania, where not climbing uphill quickly became a handicap. A new idea emerged, [...]

Installation of Digital meter for honker2000 (factory solution)

By way of introduction, that is, where these clocks come from... In 2018, the army ordered the last (as it later turned out) batch of honkers from the Lublin factory. In fulfilling this order, the manufacturer encountered a serious problem, which was the lack of availability of counters for honkers2000 on the market. The factory bought out from the stores all the counters available as spare parts, and also pulled them from all its factory cars(in [...]

Tachometer for Honker 2000 - version 2 (Polonez caro, diesel)

The second method of installing the tachometer in the clocks from the honker 2000 is to adapt the tachometer from the twin clocks from the polonez caro (from the 1.9 diesel version). This is the easiest method because the tachometer fits perfectly into the honker 2000 clocks in place of the analog clock and has the same font and backlight color(green). Unfortunately, to make it not too simple [...]

Replacing a 70A alternator (V-belt) with a 105A alternator (multi-ribbed belt) in a 2000 Honker with a 4CTi90 engine.

Due to the large number of additional electrical devices in some of our honkers (including additional batteries), we were looking for a solution to the problem of insufficient charging. A large part of our honkers are of 2000-2005 vintage and still have a 70 amp alternator of the old type, driven by a V-belt. Newer units are already factory-equipped with 105 amp alternators (multi-ribbed belt), and hence the idea to [...]

Full LED front lamps on the 2000 Honker

Few people know that back in 2013 the factory installed LED headlights in some honkers (mostly show cars). These were Truck-Lite brand lamps model TL/27290. Some examples of factory honkers with these lamps below: The lamps are approved for each type of light (parking, low beam, high beam) and are designed for right-hand traffic. Due to [...]

Silent reducer in Tarpan Honker - is it possible?

The sound of a working reducer is associated with both the 4011/4021 Tarpan Honkers and the later 4012/4022 versions produced at the Poznan FSR. Some call it a monstrous noise that is difficult to bear, others call it a whistling, howling or even singing noise that intensifies during acceleration and fast driving. The good news, however, is that there is a way to make the honker reducer of this generation [...]