Accessory equipment and gadgets in our honkers.

UPDATE: 15/10/2020.

Here are some of the equipment and gadgets installed in our honkers:

1. passenger compartment curtains - useful in many situations

2. additional battery system

The set up includes an additional gel battery, a T-Max brand battery separator and an additional fuse/relay box for connecting devices that use the second battery.

3. winch - useful in any off-road vehicle. I think all our honkers are equipped with winches. 

Ramsey REP 8000 winch


4. camping equipment - useful for longer trips. 

5. heated seats - when visiting the upholsterer, heating mats were installed in the front seats. This feature greatly improves the comfort of winter travel.

6 Parking heating - wet. 

In all 2000 military honkers, the mandatory equipment is a Webasto Thermo Top C type wet heater (earlier models featured the T model). We also use such ovens in our cars, which are invaluable especially in winter - they preheat the engine to about 60 degrees, making it easier to start, and reheat it during operation, helping to maintain the optimal temperature. In addition to the classic control from the cabin, we also install, among other things, GSM controllers , thanks to which it is possible to start remotely.

7. parking heater - dry.

In our honkers we install the most popular Webasto AirTop 2000ST or Eberspacher Airtronic D2 heaters on the market.

8. axe - one of the items of expedition and camping equipment. Attached using Quick Fist attachments.


9. grille behind the driver's and passenger's seats - not only performs a protective function (protects people in front in case of a collision, etc.), but also carries additional equipment. Ideally fit on it any cargo holds in the molle system. Our grilles are converted original grilles used in 2-passenger honkers (they are reinforced and have the center cut out, so they allow you to move from first class to second class).


10. Hella Marine roof searchlight - originally mounted on patrol versions and on Scorpions.

11. working lamps (carriage lamps) - lamps that allow illumination of the area around the honker. On the sides we use carriage lamps, because they are surface-mounted and do not stand out like classic working lamps, while at the rear we use a working lamp recessed into the box that is the base of the antenna.

12. mounts for mounting bivouac sheets/mask nets/tents

13. air horn - the original honker horn also known from, among others, the Maluch does not fit such a large car... Therefore, we install air horns, with which it is not a shame to honk from the honker 😉


14. rear camera - very useful when reversing, avoids driving over low obstacles that would not normally be visible. The camera is mounted unobtrusively under the box that is the base of the antenna.

15. additional interior lighting - the original lighting of the cabin and passenger compartment leaves much to be desired. Moreover, it only turns on manually, after switching the button on each lamp. As part of the modification, we are converting the lighting to one made with LED technology and adding additional lamps in the passenger compartment. In addition, door switches are installed in the doors that turn on the lights when the doors are opened, and a single button on the dashboard that turns on all the lamps (of course, there is also an option to deactivate all the lamps so that they do not turn on by themselves when the doors are opened).

LED interior lighting.
LED interior lighting.

16. auxiliary cameras (side, front, rear) - there are cameras mounted on each side of the car to help when maneuvering and to record what is happening around the car.

17. mechanical control of the rear bridge lock - Fed up with the emergency electric bridge lock actuator, we looked around for some other, more effective solution. During a tour of the honker factory in 2016, we had the opportunity to preview the mechanical actuators used in "Nigerian" honkers. A few years later we were able to copy this solution....

18. command vehicle tent - The original tent that was equipment of some versions of honker-based command vehicles.

19. military anten na - A modern NATO military antenna was mounted on a custom-made special bracket. For the moment it has only a visual function, although there are plans to use it... It is possible to mount a short radiator and a long, two-part radiator. On the bracket it is possible to mount antennas of various types and manufacturers, for example, harris, plessey avionics&comunications, hy-gain electronics division, lerc, etc. In addition, a rear working lamp and a rear view camera are mounted in the antenna bracket,


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