Tarpan Honker 4012 "RyŚ" - Marcin

Photo: Dariusz Mikolajczak
The photo is from the Facebook profile "Leisure in the Field".

Technical data:

  • 1992 production year,
  • IVECO naturally aspirated 75 hp engine,
  • 1st generation Polmo Gniezno reducer,
  • permanent 4-wheel drive.
  • RICE version with the other elements of this version visible: rear door bumper, holes in the pylons after the turntable for the rifle, additional side racks between the pylons for hanging equipment.

The honker was originally purchased by Mark, another groupmate at AMW, and later bought back by Martin.

After Mark bought it from AMW, the injectors were replaced, the steering column was replaced, the electrics were engulfed, and the reducer was remanufactured. Then, the windshield frame, right fender and rear door were replaced. Floor soundproofing was installed, new moldings along the sides (wooden, as in the first prototypes), the dashboard and other "plastics" were reconditioned. A center tunnel housing was also added, as well as a center tunnel housing under the dashboard. The tarp was replaced with another, used but in better condition. We managed to buy side brackets mounted between the pylons, which are characteristic of the Lynx version. As the condition of the timing gear was a mystery, the timing gear was replaced this season.

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