Honker - Concepts by Piotr Koczan

Below are the Honker concepts made by Mr. Piotr Koczan. Piotr Koczan - the site of the author of the concepts And here is what a honker in the 21st century could look like: A few words of comment from the author: I caught the Honker bug quite recently. It so happens that my Brother-in-law owns an ambulance and so the thinking and combining began.I appreciate the restoration of vehicles and restoring them [...]


On this page we will post information about workshops where they repair honkers or particular components. If you know of a workshop and think it is worthy of recommendation let us know. For the record: We have nothing to do with the following workshops and do not profit from recommending them - this is a list created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Przemek Bielecki [...]