Marek - Honker 2324 Movement Adjustment

Tarpan Honker 4012/2324 - VIN - SUL232414T00000003

Currently styled on the Army Traffic Regulation, in addition, the hardtop has been replaced with a tarp.

At the turn of 2019/2020, the honker was refreshed bodywork and paint at Tarmot4x4, where, among other things, the entire front of the car was replaced (fenders, front belt, hood). Currently, it presents itself as follows:

In contrast, this is how it looked until 2019:

Manufactured in 1996, the original body was replaced with a 1988 military body in very good condition and a newer type hardtop was installed from a honker 2324). Honker has very strong new type bridges (hypoid). Equipped with disc brakes and power steering.
The vehicle has an IVECO 2.5 TD engine , an American Borg Warner reducer, which is integrated into the transmission and permanently drives the rear axle. 


The front drive is attached , clutches are installed in the front axle, which disconnect the drive transmitted to the wheels. The disconnection of the clutches results in the lack of resistance of the transmission mechanisms, which reduces fuel consumption when driving on hard pavement (the driveshaft, half-shafts and differential of the front axle do not rotate while driving).  

Due to having more children, the car was temporarily converted. The caissons and seats were replaced with seats with integrated seatbelts in the direction of travel in a 2+3+2 arrangement. Possibly 2+3+4 (bench seats). Car registered for 9os. Possibility of restoration to original condition.

The car heavily invested over the past year, most of it is documented.

Of the bigger things : engine overhaul on new parts in ASO Iveco (10 thousand zloty). Turbine remanufactured. Overhaul of the suspension and steering, including new leaf springs, double-cross joints, tie rods. Additional lighting including hella marine roof searchlight, leather seats electric and heated, radio and cb radio. The interior has restored plastics (raptor), new cut original grille to allow installation of equipment behind the driver and passenger seats. New rear window (heated). Replaced 2 sunroofs with new webasto brand (1 slightly leaking). Original 16 inch wheels. Registered for 9 people.








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