Tarpan Honker 4012 Tarpaulin - Marek

Tarpan Honker 4012 VIN number - SUR401200SA000839

The honker underwent a major overhaul in 2019 and now looks like this:

Condition of the car before renovation:


Manufactured in 1995, the original body was replaced with a military one in very good condition (the body came from a chemical reconnaissance vehicle).


The vehicle has an IVECO 2.5 TD engine , an American Borg Warner reducer that is integrated into the transmission and permanently drives the rear axle. 


The front drive is attached , clutches are installed in the front axle, which disconnect the drive transmitted to the wheels. The disconnection of the clutches results in the lack of resistance of the transmission mechanisms, which reduces fuel consumption when driving on hard pavement (the driveshaft, half-shafts and differential of the front axle do not rotate while driving).

The Honker was the main character in one episode of the popular automotive program Legends of the People's Republic (15series, episode 8):

During the filming of Legends of the People's Republic

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