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The car, manufactured in 2005 by Intrall, served as a trade show and demonstration car at the factory for three years, was not registered during that time and drove very little. When Intrall went bankrupt, one of its creditors - a parts supplier - received this very car in settlement for debts. At the end of 2008, the new owner registered the car and did just a few proverbial miles with it. After a few months, the company decided to sell the honker, as they supposedly had no idea how to use it and what to do with it. Thus, in early July 2009, the car came into my possession and immediately received its own name - Monster. Almost immediately, Jack and I made the decision that since there was already a coveted off-roader, perfect for trips, we were going on a dream trip - to Iceland.

The condition of the car at purchase was almost perfect. It turned out that the gauge in one of the fuel tanks was going crazy, the winch was inoperative and some little things like a burned-out light relay. Plus a slightly crushed metal cover somewhere underneath. The tank was easily taken apart and repaired, the controllers, relays replaced, the cover straightened out. With the winch was a little worse, because some parts were missing. In order not to lug unnecessary several tens of kilograms, it was disassembled before leaving and stored at home until repaired. Plus a preventive replacement of all fluids, and that was basically the end of the after-purchase service.

A little over two weeks after the purchase, we were already on our way to Denmark for the ferry to Iceland.

The first photo after buying and bringing the Monster to its new home.
The first photo after buying and bringing the Monster to its new home.

Additional equipment

The monster did not undergo any conversions, nor was it specially retrofitted. For travel purposes, my honker turned out to be a car that was simply perfect. This copy has four side benches in the back that fold down into one big flat surface. For us, this means a comfortable bed without any interference or rearrangement of the interior. Just put mats and blankets on it rolled up for the day. 

One unfolded bench is a table where you can quietly prepare a meal if the weather is not favorable and you can't do it outside.

The Monster has storage compartments under the benches, which we call external, because in our version access to them is from outside the car. An ideal place to transport necessary tools or parts, shoes, supplies, equipment (for example, in later trips we added a dinghy, which fits perfectly in one of the storage compartments). In a word, something we do not need to have on hand all the time, and which will not suffer from moisture in some extreme case. 

The only accessories were special "closets" invented by Jack. Made of thick carpet material (for the second time I chose a different material, less dust-permeable), closed with zippers, they hung on specially fixed straps under the ceiling of the car. Thanks to this solution, we did not have to drill holes in the body. And the size, especially the height, of the car allowed us to fit several such storage compartments. They accommodate clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, all bathroom equipment, i.e. toiletries, towels, powders, even an empty camper shower. Two storage compartments in the cabin above the driver's and passenger's heads have room for small items like a reflective vest, first aid kit, maps, sewing essentials, flashlight, guidebooks, equipment chargers, etc., etc. 

Later, curtains for the windows were added to provide some privacy.

Dream car

I am often accosted on the street with a question: "Is this the one...?" And no one even has to finish the question. Yes, this is the honker that was in the Dream Car - Buy and Make program. In December 2012 it was selected at a casting and in March 2013 recording and repairs began. You can read about the details of these and see photos on the TVN TURBO website.

With Adam Klimek, host of the Buy and Make program.
With Adam Klimek, host of the Buy and Make program.

Utility car, not collector car

By design, the Monster was intended to be an expedition car (for vacation trips and small excursions - a bit of photos in the Gallery), but also used on a daily basis. That's why we never frequented extreme off-road events. Which doesn't mean we haven't looked into some lighter ones. From the very beginning of owning a honker, we wanted to promote it and show everyone around that our Polish car is not inferior to other brands. So whenever time and work allow I show up with the Monster in various places and on various occasions.

Media car

In order to promote the brand, we not only show up at various events, but also, combining our love of travel and writing, publish articles from time to time. Due to the nature of the car and the trips themselves, our articles (written by myself and Jack), illustrated with our photos, have so far been published by AutoŚwiat 4×4 and Off-Road PL Magazine 4×4. So if you've seen and read any of these texts, you already know us and the Monster. If not, you can read the articles on our website.




7 overseas trips of 2 to 4 weeks duration.

Destination countries to visit:

  • Iceland
  • Faroe Islands
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • France (Corsica)
  • Italy (Sardinia, Sicily)
  • Malta
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Macedonia
  • Greece
  • Moldova
  • Uzbekistan

Transit countries with little sightseeing:

  • Slovakia
  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine

Purely transit countries:

  • Germany
  • Dishes
  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Austria
  • Russia (stops too minor to count as transit with sightseeing)

Total traveled on foreign trips: 63,070 km - the longest route 13,133 km Georgia/Turkey in 2010.

Tours in Poland - never counted, so I have no way to summarize.

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    24 January 2018

    A great car that has become my second love thanks to its appearance in the "Dream Car" program.

      24 January 2018

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 And I hope it's love reciprocated 😉 .