VI Picnic with motorization in Wiry (near Poznań)

On August 21, 2016, we took part in the VI Picnic with motorization in Wiary. Admittedly, the weather was not good but our cars are fortunately spacious and it was quite comfortable to wait out the downpours 😉 .

Borne Sulinowo 2016

Video and photos from the 13th Rally of Military Vehicles in Borny Sulinowo - 2016. Photo authors: Wojas, Piotr Lewandowski, Anna Zembrzuska

Military rallies 2012-2014

Some already archived photos (mixed up) from rallies of military vehicles in Darlowo and Borny Sulinowo - years 2012-2014  

Combat Alert 2014

Here are some photos of the honkers present at the ASG Combat Alert event held in 2014.