Modification of caissons (bench bases)

The purpose of this modification is to make easy access to the caisson space in cars that do not have external storage compartments.

Factory access is realized from the outside through small storage compartments. This solution, unfortunately, has quite a few drawbacks:

  • Access to the cargo area is only from the outside
  • Access to the entire space is difficult due to the small size of the storage compartments
  • Lack of ability to carry larger items, such as toolboxes (storage compartment openings too small)
  • External lockers "tempt" amateurs of other people's property (there are cases of undermining lockers)
  • The glove box openings are the Achilles' heel of the honker's sheet metal (not the best anyway) - it is one of the first places where corrosion appears

Therefore, if you purchase a vehicle without storage compartments or install new side covers, we advise you not to cut them out.

Then the problem of accessing the luggage space under the benches arises - you practically lose access to a sizable luggage space.

There are two solutions:

  • In place of caissons, the construction of a new rack for benches, which will allow access to the
Example of non-factory bench rack solution
Example of non-factory bench rack solution
  • Modification of factory caissons - a better solution due to the original appearance of the car.

The original, new caisson looks like this:

New caissons
New caissons


The recommended modification is to drill holes in the top, so that access is under each bench.

After the holes are cut, the disturbed structure should be reinforced with steel profiles.

The cut-out door should be mounted on a hinge and some handles should be added to make it easier to open the new lockers (we used the ones pictured below because of their design - they have not yet been installed)

And here are some photos of the redesigned caissons in the car (photos will be completed once the caissons are painted and benches are installed on them):


The combination of a short caisson with a long caisson, so that we have free access to part of the space under the caissons and a closed part of the space, which is accessed through additional cut openings.


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