Honker 2000 - Piotrek

Honker 2000 year 2006 Car history Car purchased in September 2015. - After a complete restoration. Current state: the state before the restoration and some photos already taken during the restoration: the state after the restoration:

Honker 2000 2N - Wojas

Honker 2000 2N z grudnia 2003 roku. – auto po remoncie kapitalnym prace przy przywracaniu go do stanu fabrycznego oraz przy udoskonalaniu trwają z różną intensywnością wciąż od września 2015r .  Auto po remoncie do obejrzenia – >>TU<< Pierwszy, główny remont został wykonany na przełomie 2016 i 2017 roku jednak po sezonie w 2018r. auto […]

Honker 2000 - F2CIMIC - Ajax

Honker 2000 - 2002. A vehicle modeled after the KFOR version of the honker 2000. The 2020 honker was part of an exhibition organized by the Treasure of the Nation Museum at the former FSO factory in Warsaw. 2016 REMONT: The vehicle is currently undergoing a major overhaul. The body repair consisted of replacing the side panels, caissons, fenders and doors with new ones. All elements such as bumpers, steps, [...]

Honker 2000 (patrol) - Robert

Honker 2000, production year 2004, the so-called patrol version. Purchased practically straight from the factory in 2010r - with a mileage of less than 11000km. At the time of purchase it was practically "brand new" . It was a demonstration vehicle , exhibited at trade shows , shown in brochures. Honker is currently styled as a car from the KFOR contingent. The vehicle appeared in the program Legends of the People's Republic of Poland [...].