Star 944 - Robert

Star 944 - 4×4 off-road vehicle.

STAR 944 manufactured in 2003. First registration 04.12.2003r. The vehicle has traveled less than 1500km over the last five years. Due to the six-seater cab , good off-road properties as well as extensive use in the Polish army - the decision was made to purchase it. It will look good in the company of Honkers. Some technical data: 

Four-cylinder turbocharged engine with charge air cooler with a capacity of 4580cc.

Max torque 580 Nm at 1,600 rpm.

155hp maximum power.

Drive bridges with locks and releases in wheel hubs, reducer with off-road gear and inter-axle differential lock.

Factory designed to overcome water fords up to 120cm , climbing capacity 39″, permissible side tilt 37″

Six-person hydraulically lifted cab, winch with 5.4 tons of towing capacity, 12.5 R20 tires.

Ultimately, the plan is for the Star to have interchangeable bodies : a container with a camping body and a cargo box ( with folding benches) - for military rallies. 





A few photos : 

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