On May 28-29, 2016, some of the vehicles from our group could be seen at Poznan's Ławica Airport. The cars were an attraction at the AEROFESTIWAL event, held for the second time.

Modification of side thresholds

The modification involves the installation of rubber non-slip overlays from the long tubular thresholds of the newer type, to the older type thresholds. The old thresholds have a different design (suitable for the installation of overlays made of aluminum corrugated sheet) and it is not possible to install rubber overlays without performing the modification. The old thresholds are removed by the car: Depending on the condition, the thresholds should be cleaned and painted - in the described [...]

Motor Show 2016

One of our team honkers as a showpiece at the 2016 Motor Show (stand of the Agricultural Museum in Szreniawa):


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