Honker 2000 - Robert

Honker 2000 from January 2011. Vehicle in factory condition, at the time of purchase had a mileage of 3 thousand km., complete with service book. One of 4 twins that went to honkerteam. Additional equipment: winch, parking heater, alarm, immobiliser. Condition on the day of purchase (May 2016): Condition in June 2017: Condition in September 2017 (installed military antenna on the bracket): Photos [...]

Motor Show 2016

One of our team honkers as a showpiece at the 2016 Motor Show (stand of the Agricultural Museum in Szreniawa):

Mechanical control of the rear axle differential lock - a factory solution

During a tour of the Honker Car Factory in 2016, we were able to catch a glimpse and photograph the mechanical actuators for activating the rear bridge lock, controlled by a cable from the cab. Here are photos of this solution: UPDATE 14/10/2020. In 2020 we managed to make an exact copy of the factory solution and install it in the first of our honkers, the next ones are already waiting in [...]